2016 Levi's Granfondo rider guide

Do you know about Tuesday Goldsprints at Lagunitas Brewing Company?


In addition to the classics, we've added a Family Route.


How do I attach my number plate?


Getting here.



Tuesday Sept 27

6:00PM - 9:00PM LAGUNITAS GOLDSPRINTS!  A locals' evening at Lagunitas Brewing Company.  GoldSprints, beer, and fundraising for at-risk youth.  Click here for more information.

Thursday Sept 29

5:30PM - 10:00PM FESTA DEL FONDO  An elegant fundraising dinner for the King Ridge Foundation hosted at Kendall Jackson Winery. Click here for more information.

Friday Sept 30

Required registration packet pick-up. Every rider must be physically present to sign a  participation waiver before the ride.  Location: The Finley Center (2060 W College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401).

 A cycling exposition for registrants, including top brand merchandise, food, and drink.  Stopy by The King Ridge Foundation beneficiary booths, and find out more about how Levi's GranFondo is serving youth in our community.

Saturday Oct 1

6:00AM - 8:00 AM : PACKET PICKUP  
At The Finley Center (2060 W College Age, Santa Rosa, CA 95401)

In front of The Finley Center, on Stony Point Road.  Both directions of Stony Point Road will be closed at 7am between West 9th St. and West College Ave. Two-way traffic on the southbound side of Stony Point will resume at 9am.  This is where staging for the ride will occur. Road Closure information here.

The peloton crosses the starting line. Those registered for the Family Route will start at the rear of the peloton.

At The Finley Center.  A fantastic post-ride celebration, complete with an array of food vendors, beer taps, live music, kids’ activities, and shaded seating areas. Whether you indulge in a recovery massage from the professionals at Samagse Massage or just kick back with a hot meal and enjoy the live music on the FondoSonoma center stage, you’ll be glad you stayed to celebrate with us.  Click here for a map of the Festival.

12:00PM: Festival music headliner, The Sam Chase and the Untraditional, takes the stage.



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Route Information



All Gran/Panzer route riders not making it to the intersection of King Ridge Road and Cazadero Highway by 10:30 AM will be required to take Fort Ross Road instead. This is a fantastic road in its own right and reduces the ride by 23 miles.  It rejoins the route just past the Ritchey Ranch rest stop, giving you a chance to secure food, water, etc.  If you want to hit up the Ritchey Ranch stop, turn right at the intersection of Fort Ross Road and Meyers Grade, and go up the road about 100 yards.

There is a mandatory re-route at 11:30am at the King Ridge Rest Stop for Panzer route riders.  You must make it to this intersection before 11:30am in order to complete the full Panzer Route.

All routes close at 6:00 PM. At this point, the timing mats are removed, the rest stops are packed up, and all on-course support ends. The FondoSonoma Festival also closes at this time. For those folks not making the 6:00PM closure, have no fear, we will still have food and beverages available, even if we can’t give you a finishing time. 

If you have concerns about finishing the Gran route in the time allotted, you can always opt to ride the Medio instead. Or shoot over to Fort Ross. Or slide up Willow Creek. You can even make this decision as you ride. Riding a route shorter than the one you signed up for shows prudence and a desire to get back and enjoy the rest of the party.

- Panzer 116.8 miles / 10,503 '
- Gran 101.8 miles / 8,943' 
- Medio 61.3 miles / 3,970'
- Piccolo 30 miles/ 1,500'
- Family Route 8 miles / 100'

Frequently asked questions

how do I put on my number plate?

The small, rigid number plate goes on the front of your handlebars, strapped in with zip ties. This plate should be placed as vertical as possible, with no bending of the plate itself. DO NOT WRAP THIS AROUND YOUR HEADTUBE, as it will make your timing chip unreadable and make it difficult to identify you for picture tagging.  

The larger racer bib goes on the back of your jersey, affixed with safety pins. It has a tear-off ticket stub that you’ll redeem, post-ride, for your meal.  This number is also how you'll get your rider beer or beverage and conduct the drop off/pick up of your bike at bike parking. The long sticker tag is wrapped around the seatpost, such that the number faces flat out to one side of the bike. It should look like a little fin or rudder coming off the back your post. Don’t bend, spindle, or mutilate this one either.  

You’ll also notice that these plates are coded to your chosen route.  If you want to upgrade to a longer route, let us know before the GranFondo. We’ll get you sorted, and you’ll have the proper number plate that signifies both your ambition and your achievement.  If you ride a shorter route than the one you registered for, no need to let anyone know, as we'll catch it while doing results.

How do I get my rider meal, beer, and participate in bike parking?

See answers above.  (Hint:  It has to do with your number plates.)

Is there an information Desk?

For everything we haven’t covered here, we have the good folks behind our information booth. We’ll have one of these staffed at Friday registration as well as at Saturday's FondoSonoma Festival. If you need anything, this is the place to ask about it: GranFondo-related, local knowledge, etc.

Where this booth becomes of particular importance is in connecting people with riders they expected to see, but haven’t yet. We have a network of HAM radio communication stations throughout the course, and our emergency services have their own dedicated networks as well. We use our information booths as interfaces for these internal networks, so that we can find out about your missing rider and determine if something serious has taken place, or if this person is having other difficulties on the course.

We will be restricted by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), both in the information we receive and the information we’re allowed to give out, should an accident take place. But be assured we will work to the best of our abilities to connect affected riders (and their bikes) with their emergency contacts. Riders often underestimate the difficulty of our courses, and most issues simply arise from a rider taking longer to ascend/descend than expected. Even so, we understand what it’s like to be left wondering, and we’ll do the best we can to make sure your mind is put at ease as soon as possible.

Is the course well marked?

When you pick up your rider packet, you’re going to notice the conspicuous absence of a route map.  Our idea of an amazing time on the bike does not consist of fishing around your jersey pocket as you constantly wonder how far off the course you may have gotten.  We’ve signed every turn, every hazard, and every route split with every sign you may need to find your way around any of our routes.  It should be noted that our hazard signs are erected by experienced cyclists with decades of local knowledge. When we say Dangerous Descent Ahead,” we mean for you to take it seriously.

Is there Emergency support?

There‘s a tapestry of local, state, and private organizations woven into place at the GranFondo to insure that our top priority, rider safety, is maintained at all times.  All riders will, at any time, yield immediately to any and all emergency vehicles. 

We‘ve got motos, police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and helicopters looking after you, and if they‘re in a hurry, you need to move aside and obey the instructions of emergency personnel without question or hesitation. Emergency vehicle access supercedes all else. 

Is there SAG?

Our SAG vehicle-to-rider ratio is second to none. Some of it is courtesy of SRAM and Zipp’s Neutral Race Support.  Most are private vehicles driven by dedicated cycling event volunteers who’ve done this at rides across the U.S. They’re all there to help you when you need it, be it a physical or mechanical concern. Should you need to abandon, they‘ll take you to a rest stop where, at the end of the day, we’ll provide a sweep shuttle back to the FondoSonoma Festival for both you and your bike. We cannot provide rides back to the start/finish outside of this protocol. 

More questions?

For more information and answers to the questions you may still have, check out the following helpful links to information on the Levi's GranFondo website.
- Frequently Asked Questions
- Bike Rentals
- Official Rules

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Driving is nice. Parking is not.

<<Parking Map>>

The nice thing about the GranFondo is that we‘ll all have bikes with us. We‘re strongly encouraging you to ride to the GranFondo. Our bag check service is a fine luxury for stashing clothes for your post-ride spandex peel-off, and our on-site showers are an added convenience. Should you need to park, here is a helpful map.

Friday: Free parking at the Finley Center is available but limited at peak hours.  Address for the Finley Center is: 2060 W College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.


Access the parking map here. Allow yourself an extra 15-20 minutes to find a spot and get from it to the start line. The best place to start looking for parking is going to be the business park lot off of 9th Street, just east of Stony Point Road. You’ll need to access 9th Street from Dutton, since Stony Point will be closed for the ride. 

Please do not utilize private shopping center parking near The Finley Center. Being respectful of local businesses is part of what keeps Levi's GranFondo possible.

As a reminder, please note that it is illegal to camp in the Santa Rosa city limits outside of a designated camping area. 


Click here for some suggested lodging options.  We work closely with the local hotels to bring you event discounts, so be sure to check out the details.

Getting here

Click here for information about shuttles and airports, and if you're driving, simply type in the address below into GoogleMaps:
 2060 W College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.

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<<Staging Map Here >>

The nature of a mass start peloton necessitates large crowds and tight quarters. Make sure to come prepared and make the morning shuffle a bit easier to navigate.  

Family Riders will stage on the side of the main start line and will wave off the main peloton before starting their ride.

Piccolo Riders will stage near the back of the main peloton.

Panzer Riders will stage behind Fundraiser & Partner riders, toward the front of the peloton.

Speed Staging Riders will stage toward the front of the main peloton, behind the Panzer riders. Riders who rode the Gran route in 2015 in less than 7.5 hrs fall into this category and will receive a staging sticker on their bib plate as a signifier.

**If you don't fall into a category above, look for signs labeled "Expert", "Intermediate", and "Beginner".  Please stage behind the sign that best describes your riding level.

Keep an eye out for Taylor Maid Farms, offering free coffee to all our participants.  SRAM will also be there to fix flats, or set tire pressure. The Family Route is our newest route, and The King Ridge Foundation, in partnership with Kaiser Permanente, has provided 50 Bikes to 50 Kids.  These youth, alongside other Family Route riders, will be waving you off as you pass through the start line.  Make sure to wave back!

Bag check

Should you wish to stow any items while you ride, bag check is available for you near the start, adjacent to the volleyball courts at The Finley Center. Your bib number is your ticket to retrieve your belongings when you return (just after the finish line). Note that you'll also need your bib number to claim your bicycle out of bike parking after post-ride celebrations.

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Road Closures

Sonoma county is granfondo country

We’ve worked closely with California Highway Patrol, the County of Sonoma, and the City of Santa Rosa to minimize the impact of the ride on residents and businesses. We’ll have ample signage and traffic control personnel to direct traffic in and around the start of the GranFondo at The Finley Center. This recreational ride will begin at Finley Community Park in Santa Rosa at 8:00AM and return between 11:00AM and 6:00PM.

Traffic control plan

There is a traffic control plan in place for the following hours:

1:00AM - 7:00AM Northbound Stony Point Rd. between W. 9th St. and W. College Ave. will be closed.

7:00AM - 7:45AM Northbound and southbound Stony Point Rd. between W. 9th St. and W. College Ave. will be closed.

7:45AM - 9:00AM Full closures of the following road segments will be in effect:   
         Stony Point Rd. between Glenbrook and W. College Ave.   
         W. College Ave. between Stony Point Rd. and Cassasa Way Hall Rd.   
         W. 9th St. at Stony Point Rd. (access to the shopping center will remain open)

Some roads will have partial closures with one-way traffic on one or both sides of the street.
Partial closures of the following road segments will be in effect:   Stony Point Rd. between Glenbrook and W. Third St.   W. College Ave. between Cassasa Way and Fulton Rd.   Fulton Rd. between Guerneville Rd. and W. College Ave.   Fulton Rd. between W. College Ave. and W. Third St.


We strive to create a fun, adventurous, and challenging course. Even under controlled circumstances, however, cycling itself comes with inherent dangers and unexpected occurrences. Whether you're riding the 8 mile Family Route one of the 100+ mile Panzer Routes, we want you to be aware of some of the possible challenges you may encounter along the way. 

While it’s by no means a comprehensive list, please do be alert and look out for: 

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Course Signage

Signs are everywhere. All you have to do is look.

Once you proceed to the staging area that matches your route and riding ability, you will see signage that will further help you find the best location for you to start. Regardless of your chosen route, course signage will be highly visible, easy to read, and in ample abundance.

Rest Stops

We consider rest stops a key part of the rider experience, not only because good food, clean water, and available mechanical/medical support are vital to a successful ride, but because we take our host responsibilities seriously.

You should plan on seeing Clif products at these stops, as well as cut fruit, whole wheat PB&J sandwiches, roasted potatoes, pretzels, cookies, and mixed nuts from our friends at Oliver’s Market. We’ve got gluten-free food options by request, but supplies are limited. Please reserve these options for those who require them.

Bike mechanics from  local shops will be on hand, and each stop will have about 25 staff and volunteers to assist you.

The first rest stop in Occidental: is intended for Piccolo riders and as an inbound rest stop for Medio, Gran and Panzer riders returning from the coast. Once past Occidental, the first rest stop for the Medio, Gran and Panzer routes is in Monte Rio.   

Panzer Route Rest Stops and Mileage:  Monte Rio -21 miles | Cazadero—30 miles | King Ridge—47 miles | Stewart’s Point—57 miles | Ritchey Ranch—73 miles | Portuguese Beach—89 miles | Occidental—102 miles | Finish Line/FondoSonoma Festival—117 miles

Gran Route Rest Stops and Mileage:  Monte Rio -21 miles | Cazadero—30 miles | King Ridge—47 miles | Ritchey Ranch—58 miles | Portuguese Beach—74 miles | Occidental—87 miles | Finish Line/FondoSonoma Festival—103 miles

Medio Route Rest Stops and Mileage: Monte Rio -21 miles | Portuguese Beach—34 miles | Occidental—47 miles | Finish Line/FondoSonoma Festival—63 miles

Piccolo Route Rest Stops and Mileage: Monte Rio -21 miles | Finish Line/FondoSonoma Festival—32 miles

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King Ridge Foundation

Levi’s GranFondo is the grand stage for The King Ridge Foundation, a nonprofit that embodies a core mission of raising money and promoting awareness for organizations that serve at-risk youth. The charitable endeavors of the King Ridge Foundation began in 2009 in support of Forget Me Not Farm, and to-date we have raised nearly $1.5million for all of our beneficiaries. Today we have expanded our ambitions to a national scope. Our venture is to strengthen and unify the efforts of organizations who provide at-risk youth with the chance they deserve to succeed in life.  Learn more about our beneficiaries below.

Forget Me not farms

The Farm has been in existence for 17 years as part of the Sonoma County Humane Society. Only recently has it grown sufficiently to constitute a wholly separate subsidiary--an exciting, if challenging, change. Funding for the Farm comes mostly from private donations, with some grants covering a portion of the operating and staff costs. When you consider that there is no charge for the services provided by Forget Me Not Farm, fund raising events like the GranFondo are vital for the ongoing operation of such an important community program. 

Social advocates for youth

Social Advocates for Youth began over 40 years ago with a mission to keep teens out of prison and off the streets. Today, they provide housing, counseling and employment services to youth and families throughout Sonoma County.

B-Rad Foundation

The B-Rad Foundation exists to support youth and their communities by fostering individual empowerment through environmental stewardship, health, and adventure programs. They believe in the next generation's responsibility to embody these principles and are resolved to make a positive and lasting impact within our communities and our planet.

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